Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Google Ads

I’ve just got rid of Google Ads on this blog. 

The amount I was earning was worthwhile, but I got sick of advertising things I wouldn’t personally recommend.

Seeing Google Ads pushing Gareth Bloody Morgan’s bogus “investment” vehicle this morning was the last straw.  I wouldn’t just not recommend putting your money with him, I would personally recommend you didn’t—not if you wanted to get it all back.

So now I have no ads. Perhaps for the time being, or perhaps until someone makes me an offer.

What have you got?


  1. I would have kept the adverts as you can trust your readership not to do anything silly? So they'd basically be ignoring the adverts unless they click it which then costs him money and runs his advertising budget down... money which can't be spent on somebody more gullible :-P

  2. Did you investigate if there was a way to blacklist ads? Some friends of mine seem to think that is possible. I can ask contacts at Google if you like? Shame to lose revenue just because Gawif wants to pimp his rubbish via your ad stream.

  3. I agree, you can exclude certain adverts from your Google Adsense Dashboard. If you like I can even pop over to your office one day and show you.

  4. I'd love to be able to exclude advertisers. If you can show me how, I'd be very hapy.

    But you're right, mathmo, I should trust my readers. :-)

  5. @mathmo: I'd you'd like to pop in that would be great!

  6. Sure, are you back healthy again and at work now every day? :-)

  7. @mathmo: Yes, at work. Everything else, not so much. Email, if you like: organon at ihug dot co dot nz.


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