Monday, 7 November 2011

Symposium on Sound Money


As readers of even the mainstream headlines will be aware, the world is a dreadfully uncertain place right now. And as readers of this blog will be aware, one of the historical save havens in times of such calamity has been gold—for good and very sound reasons.

If you’re not sure what those reasons are, or you wish to know more, then there is no better opportunity to learn than in Auckland in three weeks time, when Louis Boulanger plays host to Professor Antal Fekete and his colleagues in a Symposium on Sound Money.  Says Louis:

I am organising a second week-long Symposium on Sound Money, to be held in Auckland Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2011
    This year’s one has the theme: ‘Gold and Economic Freedom’.  The event will consist, as last year’s did, of ten lectures: one per morning and one per afternoon.  PLEASE NOTE: the event is in three weeks’ time from now.
    This will be a rare opportunity for you to hear from Professor Antal E. Fekete of the New Austrian School of Economics (NASE) in person, as well as a number of his eminent assistant lecturers from overseas.
    You owe it to yourself to learn as much about the historical role of gold in the monetary realm of human action, if you want to not only protect your existing wealth from the on-going monetary and fiscal mismanagement worldwide, but also put yourself in a position where you can prosper from it rather than become just another ignorant victim of a dying system.
    Here is the program for the week of Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December, at the University of Auckland Business School:




Coordination of the Social Interaction (Fekete & Jaitly)



Why Gold Is Money (Boulanger)





Brief History of Gold Standard & Imposters (Fekete)



Gold Backwardation (Weiner)




Hoarding and Gold’s Role in Finance (Fekete)



Gold Standard: a Stable 3-Legged System (Fritsch)





Gold Bonds to the Rescue (Fekete)



India, Gold & the Creation (Jaitly)





Unadulterated Gold Standard Explained (Fekete)



Gold Ownership Demystified (Boulanger)




  • mornings: Professor Antal E. Fekete (Hungary)
  • afternoons:
    Sandeep Jaitly (U.K.)
    Keith Weiner (U.S.A)
    Rudy Fritsch (Canada)
    Louis Boulanger (New Zealand)

In addition, Sandeep Jaitly will now give a lecture on ‘Gold and Gold Futures – an Examination,’ which should provide us all with more practical knowledge about the gold markets.

I can say that I went to the first Symposium last year, and was bowled over. You will find no better opportunity than this Symposium to learn about the role of gold, both as a safe haven, and as the basis of a sound monetary system.

More details here.


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  1. One of the things I don't understand about gold - money: If North Korea suddenly found a mountain of gold, that country would be deemed to be very wealthy by dint of its discovery; nothing to do with wealth creation.


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