Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mark Steyn could not be more pessimistic about America’s future

Despite writing what some have called the ultimate dystopian novel describing America’s future —a future that many see coming to pass with virtually every new headline coming out of Washington—Ayn Rand was never pessimistic about America’s future:

If America is to be saved from destruction [she said]—specifically, from dictatorship—she will be saved by her sense of life.

She made that observation forty years ago.

Now Mark Steyn thinks that sense of life will not be enough. If it even still exists. Read his Case for Pessimism. It makes for sobering reading.

Why should that matter to us, down here in EnZed? Because Ronald Reagan was right: If freedom is lost in America there will be no place to escape to; America is the last stand on Earth.


  1. Thanks for posting the Mark Steyn piece. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at this quote "In reality-TV terms, the Great Satan wanted to vote itself off the island."

    Sobering reading indeed

  2. And thanks from me too ... a powerful and sad piece of writing.


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