Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kicking arse in Kaikoura

A few commenters here  were asking how Ian Hayes, Libertarianz’ Kaikoura candidate, is getting on. So here’s an update at Stuff on one of Ian’s recent campaign meetings:

The unsympathetic crowd got their biggest kicks from Libertarianz candidate Ian Hayes and his free-market policies.
When asked if country-of-origin labels should be mandatory on local produce, he replied: "It doesn't matter."
"Eat what you like, smoke, drink, so long as it doesn't affect anyone else," he said.

G0 Ian!

PS: If consumers really wanted country-of-origin labels on local produce they wouldn’t need to be mandatory.  That compulsion is being considered suggests it’s not consumers who want them. It’s the busybodies.


  1. By a lovely coincidence we're now living between Mahau Sound and Geraldine, and we've registered to vote in the Kaikoura electorate, so I have a good place for both my party and electorate votes: Libz.

  2. Good work, Ian. So glad that someone is flying the flag of freedom in Kaikoura.

  3. I note in the Stuff article that the journalist got the ACT member's name wrong and called him by the Libz candidate's name instead. Ian must have done quite a job!


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