Saturday, 5 November 2011

Are you an Occupier or a Tea Partier, or … ?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has quickly spread across the world. While their goals are still vague, some general trends have begun to appear. So just where do you fall? Are you more aligned with #OWS, the Tea Party, or somewhere in between? Take the test and find out!

OWS Quiz

OWS quiz

(The idea is based on “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” Check it out, Hat tip Bastiat Institute and YAL at Ohio State paper, The Rubicon.)


  1. Here is another spin on it

  2. Do you think the Tea Partiers support gay marriage?

  3. Haven't done the test, but suspect I'd come out Objectivist, Libertarian :)

  4. Oh, I see. I was misreading the chart. The Tea Party is supposed to be conservative and the top is supposed to be libertarian not anarchist.


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