Saturday, 22 October 2011

Something... remember.


  1. Just a quick note on something that's near and dear to your heart :)

    Clarke and Dawe - Quantitative Easing -

  2. Auckland Player in France23 Oct 2011, 08:59:00

    The All Blacks will be defeated tonight, simply because everyone had already written the French team off. This makes the ABs feel complacent.

  3. Auckland Player, I agree. The NZ fans and media are arrogant fuckers. The All Blacks deserve to lose the final.

  4. I watched this whole 1999 game with the English commentary two days ago (thanks for the link).

    What worried me is the repeated references to everybody writing off the French in 1999 and how it had stung them, and hearing before last night's final that the French team had been posting media reports of their demise on their dressing room walls.

    Thanks media.

    NZ got home with about a single foot to spare on Donald's kick, I'd say.

    So thanks to the French for producing such a great game and to nearly take it. You're a world champion if you can take what that French team threw at NZ and prevail. NZ was plainly rattled in the second half and were holding on. Not often that happens. Trinh Duc was outstanding I thought, as was Dusuatoir.

    Still scratching my head as to why the French half back (and kicker) was subbed, might easily have cost France the game with that late knock on by the new guy on debut. I reckon the final penalty might have been awarded the other way - hard to see how NZ player could not have been holding on when France blew over. Amazing discipline by NZ not to concede a penalty in those final 10 minutes.

  5. Auckland Player in France24 Oct 2011, 15:01:00

    The All Blacks played with 16 men (plus the ref) while the French played with 15. The French team were the better one.

  6. France are the perrenial chokers... how many RWC finals have they contested and won?


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