Tuesday, 11 October 2011

“Down with evil corporations!” [update 2]

An image doing the rounds which hardly needs any further comment.


It is truly the Gimme Generation.

[HT Jeffrey Tucker]

UPDATE 1Pictures here from the Philadephia “Occupy Wall Street” protest, needing virtually no comment either.

UPDATE 2: Commentary coming, nonetheless, as the American left begins to embrace the Occupy Wall Street movement as its Anti-Capitatalist Moment.

    The politics of the Occupy Wall Street moment are deadly poisonous [says Steven Kates] but potentially as effective as any political scam in history. The Republicans may have shoveled an insane amount of money into the banks in 2008 but the Democrats are taking that money back with interest by painting those self same banks as the blackest of villains from
whom Americans can only be saved by voting Democrat.
    And the thing about banks is that there is not a citizen in a hundred who could tell you what the banks do. I have an
article up on Quadrant Online where I try to explain at least some of it. How much even bankers understand their role in a market system you may have to wonder..
    The speed of descent into a socialised economic mess is astounding. That 60s generation I am part of has completed its march through the institutions and the result is devastation, morally and intellectually, to go along with the economic wreckage they have left behind for which only worse is to come.

Nonetheless, there is hope from some of today’s generation:

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