Thursday, 8 September 2011

The state looks after its own

The state forces children to leave their homes every weekday morning and be placed in institutions of the state’s choosing, amongst people with whom the children have no choice about associating.

And then it doesn’t even bother to look after them—even when children of Mongrel Mob members torture children at school, including sexually violating them with screwdrivers, scissors, pencils, branches and drill bits


Just another reason to hate the State.


  1. This is so appalling I can't think of what to add to your terse blog except perhaps "bastards". And I'm not referring to the euphemistically labelled bullies.

  2. Appalling.

    And there's no accountability.

    If you have kids, make a point of installing them deeply with their right to self defense and that you'll back them no matter what.

  3. "If you have kids, make a point of installing them deeply with their right to self defense and that you'll back them no matter what."

    That's what Dick Cheney's Mum did.

  4. And if Hitlers little Brown Shirts were doing the same thing, would you still make a Cheney reference?

    No - really - it's no different.

    Bullies are bullies. Indifference is not the answer. It enables them.


  5. Robert Winefield12 Sep 2011, 06:02:00


    Self defense training is a wonderful sentiment but in practice is worthless.

    Gang kids like that won't use Maquis of Queensbury rules. They will attack as a pack and normally carry knives & clubs.

    I went at a High School like Hutt Valley High. The gang kids in my class got away with sniffing petrol and glue in music class while the teacher was present.

    She carried on with the lesson because she was scared shitless. One of the gang kids at 13 was 5.8ft and 200lbs.

    He and his mate routinely carried a knife and a homemade police-style baton. Name me a hand-to-hand combat style that can reliably fight off multiple armed assailants? Sure they exist but they require a large amount of practice and physical training.

    Should you really be expected to turn your child into a mini-SAS trooper before sending them out to learn to read and write?

    The problem stems from the Government edict that all kids need to stay in school until age X.

    So even when the gang kids wag school voluntarily they are brought back in against their will.

    Frankly, the criminal should be punished commeasurate to the crime regardless of age. Violent rape is violent rape whether it is performed by a teenager or an adult and these kids should have been convicted and sent to prison for 25 years.

    That is the only way you can bring a sense of justice back to the school yard. At the moment there is no justice. There used to be a thin thread of it in the days when corporal punishment was allowed, but that power was removed (rightly or wrongly) and it was replaced with nothing.

    You can't even banish these little barbarians from your midst.

    Remember also that you are also fighting the in-grained crab-bucket mentality in NZers.

    Nobody ever narked on these gang-kids at my school. They were poor, and the the scrawny white kids from the middle-class families were fair game -- it was their fault that they were born to parents who had a job after all.

    Everybody was out to get the rich-prick in trouble with the teaching staff and his or her parents.

    And the teaching staff were all too quick to punish crimes by the richer kids because the punishments they were allowed to use always had more effect upon the children with parents who actually gave a damn.

  6. An inability to protect children against violence is called child endangerment.

    What laws does NZ have in place for this?



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