Friday, 16 September 2011

Record covert taxes

Receipts from two of the government’s covert taxes have gone up in record numbers.

In 2009 they gave the courts power to confiscate property from folk before them, even without a person being  convicted. In the two years since they have taken from people art collections, vintage cars, homes, jewellery, boats and farms. $48 million worth of people’s assets stolen from them by the agency—i.e., the government—supposedly devoted to protecting them from theft.

And a few years before the government gave the police power to set up hidden speed cameras, which they’ve done in record numbers in a record number of places where speed has never been a factor in an accident. No surprise then that  in 2010, nearly 628,000 speed camera tickets were issued, almost twice as many as the year before. No surprise either that although National considered speed cameras to be revenue collection before the 2008 election, now they’re  the recipients of record revenues they’ve resiled.

Taxation is theft. Covert taxation is covert theft.  Just more examples then of a government (and a police force and justice system) more interested in doing us over than protecting us.


  1. Great post; No doubt there are many people agreeing with you, Peter.

    I suppose it is a waste of time to point out to them that had they ticked the Libz box on their ballot paper none of this sort of thing would be happening.

    I also should point out that the Marxist party supported that legislation (I am, of course, referring to the ACT party) along with all the other freedom destroying legislation of the last 3 years.

  2. No matter vich party ve belong to, ve are all politicians! Ve haf one thing in common...

    Nussing vill interfere with our revenue streams....

    and easy to stop, just vote Libz.

  3. Good job Libz still embrace literacy.

  4. Elijah, you quoted, that politically correct child molesters have hoisted up their lace panties. Does this mean that you're a child molester?

    Are you a Libertarian? If you are, then you're a disgrace to the party. You're also a danger to children of Libz party members.


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