Friday, 5 August 2011


My apologies for such a poor effort on the blogging front this week. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) an old back injury flared up again, putting me out of action for most of it.

But fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint) a crash-hot physio has me almost back to normal--and just in time to head to the test match tomorrow night.

How's that for timing!

So hopefully you will enjoy your weekend as much as I will, and I will see both of you back here on Monday, if not before.


Location:Jervois Rd,Herne Bay,New Zealand


  1. Well, can't let a bad back go to waste: allow me to fill up the space:

    Freedom - Looks Like We Lost It - New Zealand in 1984

    [Sorry Peter. Take down if you like].

  2. Read 'Treat Your Own Back' by Kiwi Docter McKenzie - easy excerises that work- I also purchased a 'Teeter' Table that inverts you- works for me.

  3. There are now 3 of us

  4. Homeo Practitioner6 Aug 2011, 13:54:00

    How about you try homeopathy treatment? It is more successful than physio.

  5. Hope you will be well soon mate. In the mean time I wonder how much your blog ranking has suffered.

  6. "It is more successful than physio." ... at curing dehydration maybe, but nothing else.


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