Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Great Myths of the FIRST Great Depression [updated]

276464_137539366339987_1226509_nHere’s what’s being presented at tonight’s UoA Economics Group meeting. It could hardly be more topical:

Hello all,
The history of The Great Depression grows more relevant by the day, yet very little is known about it today--at least, very little that is true.
Tonight, we look at a few of the many myths around the Great Depression: was the Depression a Crisis of Capitalism; did margin trading bring on the Crash; did the Fed do too little to help; did Herbert Hoover sit back and do nothing; did Franklin Roosevelt and Michael Savage set everything on the right track; did World War II bring on the Recovery?
Join us tonight as we examine these stories and many more about The FIRST Great Depression.
Date: Tonight, Tuesday, August 23
Venue: Case Room One, Level Zero, University of Auckland Business School
Time: 6pm

UPDATE: For those who are interested, who couldn’t make it last night, here are the Recommended Readings—all of them (relatively) short and pithy. Since there were six phase to the (First) Great Depression, there is at least one reading on each:

And here, hopefully, is a copy of the Lecture Guide:

LECTURE-Great Myths of the First Great Depression

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  1. Can you please get Gareth Morgan along to your courses. After years of sniffing motorcycle petrol fumes in Africa, he's now taken a position to the Left of Karl Marx:



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