Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Here’s the Perigo! TV show’s interview with staunch freedom fighter and retiring Business Roundtable head Roger Kerr, from last week’s show. 

An intelligent discussion of revolution, reform and Capitalism Derangement Syndrome, all topped off with some beautiful music.

In short, just exactly the sort of show that the likes of Martin Bradbury could never begin to understand—or appreciate.



Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Agree, very lovely interview. Good not to have a host on (insert whatever Bomber takes before the show to be like that) who actually waits til the answers come before interrupting.

12 Jul 2011, 18:02:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

Many thanks Peter. I tried to record this twice but it seemed to be a different program both times so thanks again.

12 Jul 2011, 20:03:00  
Anonymous Curiosity said...

I've never seen an ugly fat mothafucker attention seeker in the media as Martin Bradbury. The guy should simply get lost, not only because he's ugly, but also he's a misguided lefty.

12 Jul 2011, 21:48:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lindsay Perigo... I fondly remember a journalist, rather than a right-wing caricature. I couldn't bring myself to watch the interview, given the introduction. I wish Roger Kerr well, but his illness doesn't make him an instant saint. Or reactionary opinions suddenly palatable.

13 Jul 2011, 02:02:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

@anonymous: in this series Perigo makes no pretense at being objective and he isn't isn't interested in sensationalist shout-down tactics either. He draws out his subjects and skillfully and respectfully offers his viewers an insight into their personalities and how they think. It was a great interview (where 'interview' means 'talking with' rather than 'attack').

13 Jul 2011, 10:35:00  
Blogger PC said...

@ Anonymous: At least Roger and Lindsay are prepared to put both names and arguments behind their opinions.

Unlike cowardly schmucks like yourself who provide neither.

13 Jul 2011, 10:50:00  
Blogger PC said...

@Dave: Actually, I disagree.

The nature of objective journalism to not to show "balance" -- "balance" of what, I wonder.

Nor does it require that one give one's own estimate of the facts. Instead it requires that one estimate and essentialise ALL the relavant facts based on your own independent objective judgement.

I believe this is what Perigo is doing in these interviews.

In every other respect than this one, however, I think you and Kate exactly right.

Imagine, an interviewer who actually LISTENS, and who lets his subjects talk!

13 Jul 2011, 10:56:00  
Blogger James said...

Amen! Someone please show this to that cock Campbell.

13 Jul 2011, 23:03:00  
Blogger Dave Mann said...

@PC: I didn't mean any criticism of Perigo when I said that he makes no pretense at being objective. I don't think he SHOULD be 'objective' in this series. It seems that the purpose of these interviews (well, certainly the Roger Kerr one) is to offer the viewer a symathetic look at how the interviewee thinks and what drives him.

In this Perigo succeeds magnificently, with grace, respect and an intelligence which all of the current crop of TV1/TV3 fuckwits utterly fail to match.

14 Jul 2011, 17:58:00  
Blogger Andrew B said...

@Dave, perhaps you meant "unbiased" or "unopinionated", not 'objective'?

He is being and should be 'Objective' - his mind should grasp the facts of really, integrate those to see what truly needs to be asked of his guests.

An objective grasp of reality doesn't leave one neutral as to what to do - or ask in this case.

And by the way, Anonymous@2:02am, neither Kerr's nor Perigo's opinions are reactionary - they're quite radical for a pathetic, authoritarian backwater.

14 Jul 2011, 23:12:00  

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