Thursday, 7 July 2011

PERIGO! tonight, with Roger Kerr

Tonight on this special impromptu episode of Perigo! Lindsay’s special guest is the admirable Roger Kerr. Executive Director of the Business Round Table, tireless and oft’ derided defender of free-market capitalism, Lindsay and Roger discuss life, the universe and Roger’s terminal illness.
Join them tonight for a half hour of intelligent discourse.
Stratos TV, 7.30. Sky 89, Freeview 21.


  1. Most important comment was someone finally giving the lie to the idea that the intervening 20 years have left Ruth & Roger's reforms in place.

    Of course this is not true: NZ's benefits are once again the highest in the world; NZ's state sector (60% of the economy) is paid at 30-50% above any reasonable "market" rates (and unionism is "effectively" compulsory); every privatized industry (telecoms, AirNZ, Rail, Banking) has been renationalised or re-created; and NZ's economic circumstances are as bad as they have ever been.

    It was great to hear some of this talked about on "National" TV - but pathetic that most of these comments came from Perigo rather than Kerr.

  2. Perigo Roger Kerr Special now on YouTube:


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