Monday, 25 July 2011

ACT reject coalition

Don Brash announced yesterday that the ACT Party, if it still exists after November, may not go into formal coalition with any government.

And nor should they

A principled party would not need to.

And a party with John Banks holding the anchor seat would not want to.


  1. If they have above 10% - in particular 15% or more

    then they must

    Half the current National caucus was brought into Parliament by Sir Don Brash - they owe him their allegience. Half of the rest are capable of simple arithmetic: they know Don is far far better for NZ than Bill.

    Don should be Finance Minister

    Hell - Don should have been PM and Helllen in Gaol.

    But a good ACT showing means Don would have the numbers to roll English.

  2. Don should be Finance Minister.

    But if you think the ACT Party will get anywhere near 10% of the vote, you're delusional.

    And if you want John Banks anywhere near cabinet, you're insane.

  3. And if you think the Libertarianz will get anywhere near 0.1% of the vote you're delusional.

    Forget about ACT Pete and concentrate on your own embarrassment of a party.

  4. Ah yes, another bold and insightful comment from someone too timid even to leave a name.


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