Thursday, 23 June 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Welfare for the Rich

_McGRathLibertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath invites you down to his clinic for an inoculation against this week’s stories and headlines on issues affecting our freedom.

This  week: Welfare for the Rich …

THE DOCTOR SAYS: Doesn’t it give you a warm fuzzy to know your taxes are being used to make more wealthy someone who I would pick as already doing very nicely thank you, given her first album sold a third of a million copies internationally.
    Isn’t there something wrong with a system that gouges low-earning New Zealanders and hands this loot over to a wealthy singer whose sales indicate she is already well-established on the music scene?
    But I guess that after dragging the iPod/mobile phone middle class into the welfare trap with Welfare for Working Families (an election bribe introduced by Hard Labour and now managed by the National Socialists) there’s only the rich left to mop up--at which point then everyone will be sucking at the teat and willing to vote for more of it.
    But wait, there’s more: another recipient of taxpayer largesse is none other than Annabel Fay, daughter of local knight Sir Michael, who could surely afford to subsidise his daughter rather than have the rest of us do it.
    Have you no shame, Sir Michael, at your daughter’s parasitical exploitation of low-income New Zealanders?
    Have you no conscience, Miss Fay?
    Apparently not. Instead, parasitism like this is considered to be just the way things are.
    The Music Commission is a disgrace to the country and should be disbanded immediately, with its funds returned to the people from whom they were stolen. Ditto Creative NZ who is funding a couple of NZ acts to attend the Glastonbury Music Festival.
    Why should taxpayers have to put up with this sort of nonsense? Answer: because they voted for it. Because both National and Labour believe hand-outs are a better way for a musician to make money than having to sell concert tickets and CDs.
    Unless of course you’re a musician who engages in victimless non-crime, in which case you should be locked up. 

"If Congress can employ money indefinite­ly to the general welfare …  it
would subvert the very foundation­, and transmute the very nature of the
limited Government establishe­d by the people of America."
- James Madison, future U.S. president

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those who don’t know the musician to whom Doc McGrath refers in the last paragraph above, that’s him in cartoon form on the cover of John Dix’s classic history of NZ rock ‘n’ roll (pic below)—chosen by Dix because “there are a great many characters in New Zealand rock ‘n’ roll, but Rick Bryant stands unique… As much as anybody, Rick Bryant represents the spirit of New Zealand rock ‘n’ roll. That’s why he’s on the cover.”
And now, he’s in prison.
One of his early bands was called Rough Justice. A suitable moniker, you might think.



  1. Boy, did that advert make me spew! That kitchen is bigger than my house & the fridge leaves our 10 year old F&P for dead & the kids are better dressed than mine- but I dont come within a bulls roar of getting WFF because I 'earn too much" que Tui Ad.

  2. Yes, these are fairly outrageous examples of Robin Hood in reverse, but once your society accepts extortion as a legal and moral precept (so long as government has a monopoly on it), does it really matter who the money goes to? It's not more or less moral depending on who receives the loot.

  3. Perhaps if Ladyhawke can reciprocate me as a taxpayer by just spending one night with me, then I won't be grumpy with her though.

  4. Too Late DM ....I have first dibs. ;-)

  5. She's probably a bit old and loose now to be fair.

  6. This Ladyhawk saga is a bloody disgrace, and she should be ashamed of accepting that money. Unfortunately shes not the only one. Dave Dobbyn - also well placed in the market to stand on his own 2 feet and his reputation and ability, yet he also still accepts huge handouts of other peoples money


    Its a bloody disgrace


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