Monday, 16 May 2011

Perigo! Show 8: Don Brash, Round Two

Last time he appeared on the Perigo! show with host Lindsay Perigo, Don Brash was on the verge of ousting Rodney Hide, who had single-handedly destroyed the ACT Party, and taking over the party himself in a bloodless coup—putting him front and centre where the ACT Party should have been along: criticising this government for its irresponsible timidity in tackling the biggest financial crisis and the largest govt deficit in this country’s history.

So now that Don Brash is leading the Act Party, where’s he going to lead it to?

As the son of a preacher-man what does he now think about God and the Universe, Gay-Bashing Banks and Rodney?

And how can he preach fiscal responsibility at the same time as pushing the profligate former mayor John Banks forward as ACT’s candidate in their anchor seat of Epsom?

Watch now to find out.

Video from Stratos TV production ‘Perigo!’


  1. Mr Perigo needs a shave. That makes him looks like a serious interviewer. Anyway, I like his interview, but he needs to work on his appearance style.

  2. I think that all Libz members give their party votes to ACT and support Don Brash. It is better to do that than wasting your votes voting for Libz.

  3. Will the new ACT use it's influence to have overall government spending cut? To repeal laws or regulations infringing individual liberty? To repeal laws or regulations favouring some market participants over others?

    No it will not.

    All of it's political capital will be spent fighting for the elimination of Maori seats and reworking the F&S bill. Personally, it is not important to me that Maori get an unfair share of the pork; I want the pig to be crippled. Dr Brash will acheive nothing worthwhile, but will cause the public to link small government ideals with racism. Not too old, just too stupid.

  4. Just to be clear, big government does not favour everyone equally. Far more unwarranted privilege would be tackled by banning arts graduates from public office than by attacking Maori competitive advantage in politics. The only way to undermine privilege generally however, is the reduce the size of government. It is not how the spoils of robbery are shared amongst thieves that matters, it is acting to prevent robbery.


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