Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Economics for Real People: Carl Menger & his Theory of Goods

Speaking of economics … tonight in Auckland my friends at the Uni Economics Group will be talking about one of the greatest economists who ever lived, Carl Menger.

He was the man who explained economic value.

Who brought Aristotle into modern economics.

Who brought causality into economic reasoning.

Unlike his contemporaries, Menger was not interested in in creating artificial, stylized representations of reality, but in explaining the real world actions of real people. Economics, for Carl Menger, is not the study of rarefied aggregates but of purposeful human choice.

No wonder he is largely ignored today. Except by the likes of New Zealand’s richest billionaire.

Come along tonight and learn about this unsung giant.

UoA Econ Group 10 Maydata=XCVihWRtq4WsaAaVG7VezksrTNzDcIEE_YWd04ht9zkDZSpIOEWoVOQcm6ijrNG-RJHfajJgcjB4DR3sumbBl1J9R-Uy_B7Qm4inb8s Join us tonight, Tuesday, 6pm, at the Auckland University Business School

Where:      Business School
                  Room 219,
                  Level 2, Owen G. Glenn Building,
                  12 Grafton Rd,
                  Auckland University [Map here]
When:       Tonight, Tuesday 10 May, 6:00pm

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