Wednesday, 18 May 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Child Abusers of the Mind Confronted On Steps Of Parliament

_McGRathLibertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath offers inoculation against the nonsense appearing in recent stories and headlines

This week:  Child Molesters of the Mind Confronted On Steps Of Parliament.

  • NZ HERALD: “School Hikoi Arrives At Parliament The merging of six state schools in Kawerau into three is cause for a protest involving school children and teachers, met by a group of MPs..

THE PROBLEM: Central government wants to close two primary schools and one intermediate school in Kawerau. The principal of the intermediate school claims the community and their local council want to keep the intermediate school
    There were two telling passages in this news article:
    First, a quote from the principal: You've got decile 1 kids sitting here. We clothe them, we feed them, we look after them.”
Second: School principal Daryl Aim told Mr McClay there were two distinct New Zealands: one was symbolised by the kids at the protest, the other by the line of private school students were passed by the protest, resplendent in their "beautiful blazers."
In my book, it is the responsibility of parents - not schools - to feed and adequately clothe children. And it is sad but not surprising that the principal of a state school sees “two distinct New Zealands”; unfortunately the government persists in funding politically correct one-size-fits-all schools that are destined to fail parents and children. The “other” New Zealand is the one that these very children from Kawerau could enjoy if the government could just get out of the way. 

THE SOLUTION: Listen to the parents, teachers and local council in Kawerau.
    Let them keep open every school in the area if that is their wish.
    Give the parents of all children in the area vouchers for education costs, starting in term three of this year, and issue shares in ownership of each school.
    Give parents one block of shares for each child they have at a particular school. When a child leaves school, the parents may retain their shares or sell them on to incoming parents or anyone else. The shareholders can elect a board and chief executive. They can demand a return on their investment.
    Fees may be charged to attend a school. The curriculum is driven by parents and the local community. Local businesses are allowed to sponsor uniforms, courses, meals and anything else they like—in return for a tax credit.
    Separate school from state in this way (or any other way), and there will be no further need for marches to Wellington—which are a massive waste of time in any case as politicians never listen to what taxpayers have to say anyway.
    In short, get the child molesters from Molesworth Street out of the education industry.

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