Wednesday, 4 May 2011

2001's 22 most wanted.

There’s still 15 to go.

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  1. It's good that a lot of these scum are dead, but the underlying problem isn't that the others are not. It's that those who rule Iran (and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya) are not even on the list.

  2. This woman (who had a brother died on 9/11) said it best than any other commentator that I've seen recently after the killing of Bin Laden in the last few days. Her main points are that the US president is pandering to Muslims with his over sensitivity & appeasing to Muslims about the formal burial of Bin Laden, but not sensitive to feelings of Americans who want to see the photos of Obama with gun shot to the head.

    Her other point is, that the Muslims fanatics should be demoralized and not appease them.

    Backlash Grows Over Treatment of Bin Laden Death

  3. Another excellent interview with the woman who her brother was killed in 9/11 attack.

    Details of Meeting Between President & 9/11 Families

    I completely agree with her. Eric Holder is still pursuing the criminal prosecutions of CIA officers who had water-boarded terrorist KSM to extract some info which was part of the puzzle that they pieced together with other bits which lead to finding Bin Laden.

    It is appeasement at its worse. There has been never a president that I hate so much like Obama.

    He looks weak, (his face like a bozo) which makes America looks weak to the world. His behavior of being apologetic to the world for past US behavior is a sign to US adversaries that this guy is a joke, meaning its adversaries think that he's not serious. Adversaries think that they can just piss on the US and Obama will continue to appease.

    IMO, Obama is borderline acting like a cocksucker. The aura of seeing a US president on TV has disappeared since this cocksucker came into office 2 years ago.


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