Thursday, 7 April 2011

‘Perigo!’ #3 tonight [updated]


Perigo! is the new interview show featuring New Zealand’s most experienced political interviewer, Lindsay Perigo.

“Perigo” means danger in Portuguese—and Perigo! promises danger to bossyboots and busybodies everywhere!

Tonight, on the third show in this series, Perigo interviews Muriel Newman, Principal of New Zealand Centre for Political Research, and a former Deputy Leader of the ACT Party. (Count them, there’s been something of a revolving door for ACT’s deputies.)

Tune in to see her and Lindsay discuss Liberty vs Democracy, and the current state of the ACT Party and the nation.

PERIGO!  Stratos on Thursday at 7.30 pm, Freeview 21 & Sky 89.

Here’s what episode #2 looked like…

UPDATEPerigo!  #3 is already up on YouTube [thanks Ron], and here it is:


  1. Cool!, I missed last weeks & here it is..

  2. thanks PC, can you please get the Muriel Newman [ Muriel looking good as usual, ] interview up with Perigo on video to watch,
    Most of us Arabs don't have proper reception for Sky and so on, its sad I know, but we rely on you, and we are poor and we just shift sand and silt,

  3. We got rid of teevee . We figured its just another one of those things that make you go blind.And the content was 99.9% pig swill . What Lindsay is doing is a joy to look at and listen to . Will all his programs be online ?

  4. Great stuff, thanks for the reminder.
    I see that Perigo 3 (Muriel Newman)is now up


  5. Finally....a debate...sadly too short, that examines the difference between democracy and freedom.

  6. You still got it Linz. Bravo.
    At last something worth watching.
    We dont have TV either - about 6 years now


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