Monday, 4 April 2011

Perigo, 1

Lindsay Perigo’s new TV show is broadcast weekly on Stratos Thursday night at 7.30pm. It can be seen on Sky 89 and Freeview.

But for those, like me, who can’t get any of the above—or who are out on Thursday nights—it’s good to know that it does appear eventually on YouTube, and his Peritorial’s will always go up at SOLO.

So it sure as hell gives me great pleasure to present the very first Perigo show, with his very first guest Dr. Ron Smith from Waikato University (first broadcast Thursday March 24th).


  1. Redbaiter summed up the inaugural show rather well. It is a really useful read for folks who want to know why the libertarianz fail to get any traction.

  2. I was expecting a shock & awe in the show but it wasn't. The introduction was good, but the interview almost made me fall asleep.

    Can Mr Perigo change his style into an aggressive one? That will stimulate viewers and want to keep watching.

    I suggest that he interviews lefties and then go hard at them aggressive by using his objective reasoning. In that way, he is debating with reason that his opponents can't weasel their way out. It means that he can corner them and it would be obvious to viewers to see what Mr Perigo is trying to argue about.

    As long as Perigo is interviewing soft-targets (people or guests he brings in that already agree with him), then his show won't stimulate the public.

    I suggest he brings in lefties as well, such as Bomber Bradbury, Russel Brown and the likes. He can expose them on the way how they reasons and it is something that will get the viewers excited about. Not only that viewers will learn about objective philosophy as well.

    I wasn't impress with the first show at all.

    Change the bloody format.

  3. My previous comment disappeared. Strange that it didn't include a link there so as to trigger the spam filter.

  4. It needs to be more a combo of the best bits of Glenn Beck crossed with the old PI show...Bring back the Seig Heil award etc. ;-)

    Its ok....but not going to shock and generate outrage and comment...which is what's needed to rouse NZ from its socialist slumber.

  5. Perigo interview Brown or Bomber? Why? They're empty vessels recycling other people's writing, the interview would last 2 minutes and be dead silence between questions before Perigo gives up and sods off for a drink.


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