Friday, 8 April 2011

Musical ramble

Sorry I’ve had no time to post my regular Friday Ramble this week—or last week. Normal transmission will resume just as soon as … well, just as soon as I’m able to resume it.

So instead of a full ramble, let me just post a little music for the weekend following the exciting news [hat tip Arthur Streeb-Greebling]that The Stone Roses have announced plans to reform—not to say resurrected…

… which for some strange reason made me think of the best piece of music Mozart ever wrote …

… and the beautiful ‘in memoriam’ Duke Ellington played for his late friend and collaborator Billy Strayhorn…

…and how’s this for an outstanding piece of super-leviathonic, rhythmaturgicaly, syncopated,  tapstematicianismusness—Bunny Briggs dancing before Duke Ellington with all his might!

Enjoy your weekend—and enjoy an organic and kosher brew if you can!


  1. Sadly it's not true. They all went to Mani's Mum's funeral and had a pint afterwards, but that was it. It's all rumour mongering. Besides which, I think I'd rather hear a new Ian Brown solo album than any crappy reunion schtick from his old band.

  2. Please, please.
    It was Billy Strayhorn not Stayhorn.
    I still have a large collection of records, and CDs, of the wonderful music he and Ellington wrote together.


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