Monday, 18 April 2011

It takes a civilisation …

It takes an entire civilization to build a toaster.

Or even a pencil.



Anonymous Robert Winefield said...

Very instructive, and poignant illustration of how civilization can magnify the efforts of a single man.

I would have liked him to point out that his task would have been even more complex if he'd set out to make his own electricity and his own bread prior to making the toaster.

19 Apr 2011, 05:54:00  
Blogger Owen McShane said...

So how does anyone know how to calculate the pencil or toasters carbon footprint – let alone the footprint of a whole building, or a whole country?

Once these claims begin to be taken seriously the lawyers will really clean up – but then they always do.

19 Apr 2011, 12:35:00  

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