Friday, 29 April 2011

Act Party 3.0

Yesterday represented one step forward and three steps back in producing a party with values I could endorse.

Ejecting the man-with-the-midlife-crisis and calling for the Spendthrift Double-Dipper from Dipton  to be properly reined in was a great start.

Sadly however what would have been a clinical coup producing a party representing accountability and financial rectitude has been poisoned at birth by Don Brash’s bizarre insistence that Minister-of-Rhyming-Slang John Banks be given the post of Act’s anchor in Epsom.

Which will see the man who campaigned on stopping rate rises and who then raised them every year of his reign—the man who left Auckland ratepayers $887 million in debt when he left office—carrying the flag for financial responsibility.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a joke.

But not a very funny one.

UPDATE: Unusually, Cactus Kate and I agree:

_Quote Here is where I will … state this [new Brash-led  party must] NOT under ANY circumstances include John Banks… Banks is just awful. He makes you want to consider voting Len Brown.


  1. PC, Cactus Kate and you do agree - unusually as you say. It is the differences in your arguments which are the key here.

    Your argument is based on rational common-sense (Banks is bankrupt economically), while hers appears to be more emotionally focussed on his personality.

    I note that Kate is a long-time member of the Act Party and would like to remind her that it is this very sort of irrational personality bickering which is the reason that Act has become the sideshow it has.

    Brash has my support but if John Banks is his answer in Epsom then he has forgotten the question.

  2. the white house in behind oriental parade will be pleased

  3. I cannot begin to understand why Brash would wish to taint the 'new ACT" if that is what it is, by having Banks on board. He was odd when a member for Whangarei and downright weird and fiscally irresponsible as Mayor. This conduct seems to be the antithesis of the reasoning why ACT was first formed.
    Like Zito I think the return of Brash is potentially a good move for NZ but it need not include Banks. It would be preferable to retain Hide on the list.
    Has ACY become a sideshow? If so, it is an interesting one. I yearn for the day the Libz have an electoral presence which could be similarly described.

    Chris R.

  4. Contrary to the media pitch what poisoned the Act brand among those supporters who share the ACT principles had less to do with perks and dancing but was mainly Rodney accepting the task of creating the Super City. Presumably it was the price for the two Ministerial posts. But of course it has backfired as I predicted from day one. It was also supposed to deliver Banks as Mayor but like all recent mega-amalgamations delivered a left wing Mayor.
    There is also the issue of funding.
    So there are a few balls to juggled in the world of real politik.
    And you cannot blame Banks for the Auckland City rates. The Mayor has only one vote. Rodney changed that with the Super City - making Len Brown more of an executive mayor. But then added the Maori Advisory Board which has two votes on every committee.
    Bank is popular in the Epsom electorate so will get a lot of votes for Act. I think Don should stand in Rodney Electorate (ironically) where he could combine the Orewa electoral group and the rural population who hate the Super City.
    Don does not want to be dependent on a single electorate for Act's presence in Parliament. This is a toxic situation for anyone to deal with.

  5. Banks entered Parliament as a strong supporter of Robert Muldoon and eulogised him frequently during his time on radio. Quite what Brash sees in him is any ones guess. Brash would to better to stand in Epsom himself. Whatever, I hope Act crashes and burns at the next election. Ian

  6. Richard McGrath30 Apr 2011, 22:26:00

    @Bizarro #1:

    That's great news. A step toward freedom.

    I wasn't aware Uruguay's national motto was "Liberty or Death".

    Perhaps Patrick Henry based his famous quote on that, or was it the other way around?

  7. Uruguay in the following article is considered The most free country in the world though it is noted that no country is perfect and you'll face challenges no matter where you go.
    Exemplified by NZ being number 3 on the list! Big challenges indeed!

  8. Zito - sigh.....did you close your eyes when you came to this ..."His political philosophy isn't even close to ACT's. He's toyed once with ACT and didn't have the metal".


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