Tuesday, 8 March 2011

(Some) School Choice happening in Christchurch

Despite their lofty ideas of always being up to the minute (with teaching philosophies changing by the week, by order of whatever latest pedagogical philosophy goes floating by the Ministry of Education), in many respects New Zealand’s schools are still thoroughly nineteenth century.

No more so than in the hours that the state’s factory schools open—education must only happen between the mandated statutory hours! Never mind all the logistical problems and inefficiencies that creates.

But as many people have been saying, the Christchurch earthquake has been a game changer—even in education—with at least two schools now doing what in businesses would be the equivalent of “hot desking.”

Good news out of bad.

Christchurch Boys High is not badly damaged and is discussing sharing their facilities with Shirley Boys High—one school functioning in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Simple.

Isn't it wonderful how creative alternatives can happen if people are left to solve their own problems?

Imagine if this sort of thing were to happen more often.

Imagine the excitement amongst teachers who may now be able to choose the early or the late school hours, to work—or be able to work full time jobs for two different schools.

Think of the huge savings in school construction by using existing facilities more efficiently, for more hours of the day.

Think of the huge savings in financial, emotional and "environmental" terms of halving the pressure on transport that is currently caused by all schools operating at the same (statutory) times. 

Think of the whole variety of businesses who follow the lead and discover they can offer all manner of more flexible employment options themselves in terms of job sharing and the like. 

Freedom to choose - what a novelty!

And who knows, if “this sort of thing” were allowed to continue, we might even see some taxpayers dollars trapped in the Ministry’s bricks and mortar being released—or at least used much more efficiently.

[Thanks to reader Shirley R. for the story]


  1. PC said...
    Isn't it wonderful how creative alternatives can happen if people are left to solve their own problems?

    Yep, Hayek's spontaneous order is at work here. A very simple concept that idiot/daft leftists (including politicians) don't seem to understand or grasp.

  2. Our kids' (integrated) school is safe, inspected and ready to go - but we are told:
    1. They may not reopen without ministry approval; and
    2. Having received that approval, they are apparently required to have a teacher-only day first.


  3. Imagine the huge logistics difficulties for the average family with 2 or 3 kids who are all going to school at different times!

    Bye bye to Mum having a job or the kids having organised music or sports events.

  4. Interesting, yes. There is so much scope for creative alternatives. Those seeking them will clash of course with the monopoly powers of the grey ones in education. So be it.


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