Thursday, 20 January 2011

NOT PJ: Bernard Darnton is unwell

165133_1703946271956_1036967428_1813892_7916124_n This week, Bernard Darnton is suffering sleep deprivation following the birth of his second youngster (right) on the 17th of January, leaving him unable to put digit to keyboard.

Feel free to leave congratulations to the father for the new son, and commiserations to the new son for the father.


  1. Congratulations Bernard (and the lovely wife, of course). Two up and coming Libertarianz voters: all good.

    Mark Hubbard

  2. Bernard, you're such a slacker. You're supposed to blog through the sleep deprivation, dammit!


  3. Sean Fitzpatrick20 Jan 2011, 12:29:00

    That face...definitely a Darnton!

  4. Yeah sorry about skipping this week's post. I was too busy filling in my Working for Families application.

  5. breed 'em n weep.

  6. Congratulations, Bernard, might pay to get used to a lack of sleep though.....

  7. Beautiful wee face :) all the very best. I've heard the sleep deprivation gets easier... or it just gets normal...

  8. Well done Bernard. Hope the red bins big enough for all those naps


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