Monday, 20 December 2010

Oh dear

I’ve just started packing for the holidays. And I think I’ve overdone the books again.


Thanks to all the NOT PC readers who’ve very kindly donated to help keep my library growing. You make it more difficult every year to pack my suitcase. :-)


  1. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of kindle-ing available for our New Years Eve fire. :-)

  2. You could leave the Maori myths one behind - after all, you get force fed enough of those by the government anyway.

  3. @TWR: But I like reading fairy tales. :-)

  4. You should add a few AGW books then. Fully of stories about the bogeyman, chicken little, etc...

  5. I just read Baudolino, I 'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  6. Still room for a pair of Calvin Kleins.

  7. Some django and jamiesons to wash them all down, I see.

  8. Vacation? How do you merit a vacation? :-)

    Didn't you just trot off to some tropical place a few months ago?

    What a slacker.

  9. Carrying around music by taking a large stack of physical media. How quaint.

    Rip'em. Lossless, to FLAC. Then get a decent DAC.



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