Friday, 10 December 2010


It’s been a WikiLeaks week.  From secrets to soap opera, the WikiLeaks story has had everything a news organisation needs to make good copy. Quarter of a million documents to sift through and expose. And then there’s Assange, The Movie

  • Does the leaking make WikiLeaker Assange “a terrorist”? Judge Andrew Napolitano says …


Econogeek Thought for the Day [hat tip Will Wilkinson]:
”Salma Hayek was put on earth by socialists to make us forget
what we're doing when searching for Friedrich photo references.”

  • While Bernanke continues to dissemble, Jon Stewart laughs in the face of disaster. Literally:
  • Obama says he and the GOP must find “common ground.” But what if there is none. And when does compromise just become sacrifice?
    No compromise possible with evil – Charlotte Cushman, T I M B E R J A Y
  • Lou Reed’s response to Jesse Jackson’s request for “common ground” a generation ago might be a model for the correct response now.
  • So, um, who is this Sarah Palin then?
    Who is Sarah Palin? - PJTV
  • It seems like a long time since he was “The One.” A rapidly-aging Obama’s now taken to lashing his own supporters. Poor baseless bloke…

  • Why is he lashing his own? Sinclair Davidson explains that it all goes back to George Bush…
    Read my Lips – C A T A L L A X Y  F I L E S
  • You want to know what the global warming lobby really want? “It’s seldom that it’s spelt out so clearly…”
    What the AGW lobby want – C A T A L L A X Y  F I L E S
  • When Andrew Bolt’s good, he’s very good: “THE great global warming scare is dying not with a bang, or even a whimper. Try a great horse laugh.
       Right now, 20,000 activists, politicians and carpetbaggers are meeting in the Mexican resort city of Cancun.
        They are there for the latest United Nations conference on how to make everyone else cut the emissions caused by, for instance, flying a population the size of a small city to a Mexican beach.
        These are the emissions we’re told are heating the world so dangerously that Europe is now gripped by one of the coldest winters of a generation.
        Indeed, it’s so bad that Vicky Pope, a warming pundit from Britain’s Met Office, was trapped in London by the snow that the Met’s climate models failed to predict, and so couldn’t fly to Cancun to explain how very hot the world in fact was…”
    The great warming scare turns into a greater joke – A N D R E W  B O L T
  • And over 1000 international scientists are happy to have their names recorded as dissenters on the myth of man-made global warming.
    Shredding the “climate consensus” myth – W A T T S  U P  W I T H  T H A T
  • The Cancun coterie fall for the old "dihydrogen monoxide" petition as well as signing up to cripple the U.S. economy.
    UN climate kooks want to cripple US economy and ban H2O - W A T T S  U P  W I T H  T H A T
  • Basic economics rebut flatulent science: “If Pacific islands are being washed away due to climate change-induced floods, how come land prices are stable?”
    Cancun: islands in the climate storm – Eero Iloniemi, S P I K E D
  • “At a time of great doubt about climate change, policymakers must magic up more ‘evidence’ of manmade mayhem.”
    Cancun: scavenging around for scientific fact – Ben Pile, S P I K E D

Quote of the week? [hat tip Kate]
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your
huddled masses yearning to watch Glee"

  • This new online NZ tax calculator reveals where your tax goes, dept by dept. Although it strangely decides that we’re all being taxed at only 16% (we wish!) interesting to see which govt department comes in as the fourth most hungry for your cash
    Tax Calculator, 2010 – S O U T H G A T E  L A B S
  • What the calculator doesn’t show is how much of your money goes to lobbyists. Betcha didn’t know the govt is giving around 100 different organisations millions of dollars to lobby the government on alcohol policies. Nice scam. So if politics is the art of the possible, what does it mean when governments pay lobbyists to lobby them?
    Anti-smoking spending  - K I W I B L O G
  • Here’s how all take-home Intro Philosophy exams should look. See how you do.
    Introduction to Philosophy Exam [PDF] - Stephen Hicks
  • Speaking of which, I enjoyed this short account of one of the most exciting (but rarely told) stories in all history—told in an unlikely venue.
     The Rediscovery of Aristotle – T H E  C H R I S T I A N  R E A D E R
  • If the Soviet Union hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t have stories like this one exposing the lunacy and the waste of central planning.
    The Absurdity of Central Planning – Bill Bonner
  • The waste continues, even in so-called “free trade” deals!
    China Free Trade Mess – Daniel Silva, I M P O R T E R’ S  I N S T I T U T E
  • Things are changing in Britain—and, goddamit, don’t they need to!
    Grant your own planning permission, government tells homeowners – T E L E G R A P H
  • Jim Rogers: "All Of You Who Have MBAs Have Made Mistakes" And You Should Be Farmers Instead
  • Congratulations to Auckland-based motivational designer and publisher Inspirationz Inc., who the American CBS network reckon produced one of the six most motivational videos released to the internet in 2010.
    “Produced by Wellington filmmaker Shahir Daud whose film Double Happy was screened at the Montreal Film Festival earlier this year, and written and directed by Inspirationz’s managing director Terry Verhoeven, IGNITE YOUR SOUL was released as part of a catalogue launch to showcase Inspirationz’s inaugural wall-art and print designs.”
    The Best Motivational Videos of 2010 – Geoffrey James, C B S  B-Net
    IGNITE YOUR SOUL! – i n s p i r a t i o n z !
  • And speaking of motivational, check out @gazal Dhaliwal's neat video for the Atlas Shrugged Video Contest.
  • Thought about what you’re going to buy your nieces, nephews and friends’ kids this year?
    Celebrate a rational holiday with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book – M I N D  P O S T S
  • Art Carden explains the Grinch who had a Coasean Christmas.
    How Economics Saved Christmas – Art Carden, F O R B E S
  • How many opportunities have you missed out on because you spent too long tying your shoes? Don’t do it again. [Hat tip GeekPress]

  • Enthusiastic Maths Kid is back. This time, he wants to teach you how to to differential calculus. True story. See:

  • Now, I warn you, this is insidious…

  • Popular at our house round dinner times, this week… and (unlike David Cross) he can play, this chap …

  • Must be about time for brunch…

Have a great weekend!


  1. Judge Andrew Napolitano & Ron Paul ticket for President/Vice-president in 2012.

  2. Pro-Capitalist10 Dec 2010, 12:58:00

    Mainstream/idiot economists including journalists including those from BERL, Matt Nolan, Benarke Hickey (from, NZ Herald, et al, do buy into Ben Bernake's fibbing about economic recovery. It is sad that the influential people like those mentioned above, do have a major followers in the general population. The general population is being fed with economics bullshits and not facts all the time.

  3. Christian Libz10 Dec 2010, 13:37:00

    Sarah Palin talks like an Austrian Economist and thinks like a Reagan.

    Palin of Fox

    SylviaM, I have to say that the best ticket for 2012 presidential election (president & vice) would be Sarah Palin and Judge Andrew Napolitano. Ron Paul should be their Secretary of State, once President Palin and Vice Judge Andrew Napolitano took office.

  4. Thought about what you’re going to buy your nieces, nephews and friends’ kids this year?

    Hahaha. None of your readers have children?

  5. @Gregster: I hoped someone would bite. :)

  6. Is Gareth Morgan still trotted out as an expert on everything? Has he said oops over his ghastly book "proving" AGW? Anyone who has read the likes of "How to lie with statistics"; or "Thinking about thinking" by Antony Flew and then read Morgan, would never listen to him again and certainly not let any money of yours get near him.

  7. This stuff is amazing isnt it. Just simply amazing! The guys from we forecasting this stuff years ago and I laughed at them. I guess they are having the last laugh now, and are extremly accurate and worth a look. Especailly if it is the TRUTH you are after.

  8. The NAB and Westpac deals with the Fed should be a wake up call for NZ too.
    The fact that NAB had a run on their short term cash in the month of Jan such that their cash holdings dropped by $10b is significant. IIRC this was when the GFC started to hit home for the Down-under banks, and there was a sudden and immediate cramping of lending policies. An offer I had on the table from NBNZ for 100% financing for a self tenanted business was rescinded at this very time.
    Was this the start of the time that the Govt's started offering taxpayer underwriting of loans, to decrease the perceived risk in Fiat money lending? So the real reason the Govt had to step in was ensure that people left their term deposits in the banks to allow them them to roll over maturing short term liabities as they fell due. If that is not the definition of proping up a PONZI scheme, then what is?



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