Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pike River disaster

The thoughts of all involved with this blog are with the friends and families of the trapped Pike River miners.

At this stage, there’s not much more to be said—or that can be. So, pace Wittgenstein, we will remain silent.

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  1. Well, Peter, I think that we should all stop for a moment and reflect on the sheer bravery and selfless courage that the Authorities have shown to date. It is now the fifth day into this disaster and it cannot be easy for the mine management, the OSH and Labour Dept personnel, the unions and especially the Police who are clearly taking such a vital role in the non-rescue attempts down at Pike River.

    As well as coordinating this very effective non-rescue plan, these organisations have had the added task of carrying out an extremely hazardous non-reconnaisance mission. This must in itself present some unique challenges which we, the uninitiated people with no experience of the complex safety procedures involved, can only dream of and obviously cannot understand.

    My special thoughts and heartfelt thanks, though, go out to the poor little robot who was sent into that tewwible place initially all alone to get wet. I hear that he has recovered now and that he has another little robot helper, so I am looking forward to great things and there is, indeed, hope.

    Another note of hope comes from our reports that Maisey Twinkington the well-known West Coast psychic has been in contact with the miners and she reports that they are all quite happy playing cards and singing songs and they would like it to be known that under no circumstances should anybody risk entering the mine until the conditions can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe. The miners have sent messages of support through Maisey and thanks for all the good work done to date in their non-rescue, but she understands that their primary concern is that nobody should do anything foolhardy and gung-ho like going into the mine and having a look. This, they say, will only make things worse and it could be very dangerous.

    Let us pray.....


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