Friday, 5 November 2010

Melbourne’s “Rectangular” Stadium – Cox Architects

melbourne-rectangular-stadium-cox-architects-3I’d wager that every lover of small government has their own weakness.  Something spinning their wheels that, quite possibly, wouldn’t exist without big government. Not at least in today’s world.

For me, that weakness is sports stadiums.  And there’s nowhere that does sports stadiums like Melbourne. The MCG.  Etihad. Rod Laver Arena. Just some of the city’s world class facilities.  And head east from central Melbourne along Olympic Boulevard, and you find stadium nirvana. Discover your current stadium is too small for what’s needed, and it sometimes seems the Vic government will swiftly knock up another.

And not just any old thing either. The stadiums already gracing Melbourne were pretty special. But then, recognising that league, soccer and rugby—featuring teams like the Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Victory, and the new Melbourne-based Super 15 rugby team—all need a smallish ground shaped in something other than a large oval, (and no city does oval stadia like Melbourne) the former Olympic Park has now become the home of all sports needing a rectangular ground—all of them , in Melbourne, minority sports.

melbourne-rectangular-stadium-cox-architects-1611 The result is this $267.5 million Melbourne “Rectangular” Stadium, built over the road from the cathedral of sport that is the MCG, with capacity for over 30000 punters, and featuring “a cutting edge 'bio-frame'“ shell roof design.


And there’s a pretty spectacular “light show” associated—the stadium’s exterior is set to light up to reflect the emotions of the crowd inside. Quite a neat gimmick, I think you’ll agree.

I can’t wait to visit.

BWBTWMelbourne Rectangular StadiumBTW: the view looking back from stadium row isn’t half bad either.  [These last two photos by William Bullimore.]

Yarra RIver


  1. and mike lee said no to our waterfront stadium
    and we get a multi-stand monstrosity in the suburbs......
    go figure.

  2. For me, it's Auckland Zoo...

    I love it so much it's almost worth trying to justify it's moral for other ratepayers to pay for it for me and my fellow zoo lovers...

  3. That is a goood stadium! But Anon 8:55am - Mike Lee (and the bulk of the public) rejected Trevor Mallard's hissy fit waterfront stadium because it would cost 4 times what the Ockers paid for their 'rectangular' stadium, and would have been ugly!!! Vis McCully's slug.... say no more.

    Though PC, I favoured the ARC owned Mt Smart stadium being upgraded - in a purely industrial zone (which gave plenty of night & weekend street parking), with superb transport links to SH1 and SH20 and 3 rail stations within short walk (Penrose, (closed) Southdown and Te Papapa), close to the Airport for fly-in-out fans, and space to grow without blighting the landscape. All that and a 15min train into Newmarket or CBD for after-match festivities.

    Still a better bet long-term than Eden Park or waterfront, and Carlaw Park is now gone of course.


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