Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A good lesson from a young Ferrari

Here's a good story coming from a bad result and a demented overreaction.  RadioNZ reports that

_QuoteFerrari bosses have roasted Italian politicians after some called for heads to roll over the team's failure to win the Formula One championship.
    Roberto Calderoli, a government minister, said Ferrari's president Luca di Montezemolo should quit after a "demented strategy" at yesterday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix cost Spaniard Fernando Alonso a possible third title.

That’s not the good part of the story. This is:

_Quote Piero Ferrari, son of the carmaker's late founder Enzo, said he was "astonished and saddened" by statements made by some politicians, reminding them that Ferrari has done so much more for Italy's global image than the country's politicians will ever achieve.

True, true, true. With rare and heroic exceptions (Jefferson, Churchill, Thatcher, Havel, Klaus) an undisputable truth in virtually every country you care to name.

And a point worth making every damn day.


  1. Some of the Roman emporors had quite a significant effect on the country's reputation...

  2. They'd be among the rare and heroic exceptions.

    Meanwhile, among all the rare and heroic exceptions there's whole acreages of base metal.


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