Friday, 19 November 2010

General Debate

_Fekete I’ve just spent a fascinating week in the company of some wonderful people at Professor Antal Fekete’s Symposium on Sound Money (right), and now I’m heading off to Great Barrier Island for some R&R.

My thanks to Louis Boulanger and Professor Fekete for an outstanding and enthralling week.

While I’m away, why not treat this post as an  opportunity to debate whatever you want to, and raise whatever points you wish to.  Think of it as a managed commons.

What’s on your mind?


  1. Roger Douglas's performance here in the house was brilliant:

    Holidays Amendment Bill - Committee Stage

    Mr Douglas's claim that Trevor Mallard & his Labour colleagues are dumb, was spot on.

  2. Road Cycling should be banned by the govt. The likes of Jim Anderton were quick to ban drugs, based on a couple of cases of hospitalisation due to said drugs. People are dying due to their use of bicycling. That many 1000s enjoy bicycling without dying from doing so is immaterial.
    At least I'll then feel safer on Tamaki Drive in Auckland where the cyclists are bloody lethal strangers to we locals.

  3. Just in case anyone forgot what vomit tastes like:

    I specifically like the "ad" in the middle:

    Receive Thom Hartmann's "Rebooting the American Dream" as a thank-you gift with a donation of $35 or more to Truthout.

    He doesn't have the balls to offer his book for sale. It is given as a "free gift" when you make a "goodwill donation". And this is the guy telling people how to rescue an economy? God help us.

  4. National coalition govt has imposed taxes on carbon so as not to annoy our trading partners and tourists. Is it known if they ever did $analysis? ~ who wouldn't trade with us if we didn't tax ourselves; and by what amount. How many tourists not likely to travel; and not spend $? Where is the extra petrol tax and increased bill from power company money going to?
    I doubt anyone in National apart from Nit Smith believes in ACC~ anthropomorphic climate change.

  5. PC has a knack of taking a break from his blog just before some major newsworthy event takes place in NZ.

    It must be a sixth sense :-)

  6. Against Kim Jong Hickey's Call to Regulation:

  7. PC can you (or any of the Austrian economics followers) comment about the following paper which was quoted by Eric Crampton at Matt Nolan's blog:

    An Appeal from New to Old(and Middle-Aged) Austrians

    It is an interesting paper, which I agree with the authors completely.

  8. Christian Libz23 Nov 2010, 04:17:00

    Gov Sarah Palin: An Exclusive Sneak Peek at “America By Heart”

    Sarah Palin, quoted Ronald Reagan in the sneak peek review.


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