Thursday, 25 November 2010

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: The death cults of Islam and Environmentalism

_richardmcgrath Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath ransacks the newspapers for stories and headlines on issues affecting our freedom.

This week:    Islam and Environmentalism - Cults of Death

  • NZ HERALD: “Pike River disaster: The day hope endedA second explosion ends all reasonable hope of rescuing the trapped coal miners on the West Coast…

    THE DOCTOR SAYS: As I sat yesterday afternoon digesting the sad news, I remarked to a workmate how open-cast mining didn’t seem so bad after all. Well, blow me down (no pun intended) if SOLO spokesman Mark Hubbard didn’t beat me getting these thoughts into print with a press release (reprinted in the post below) pointing out that much of the blame must rest with the anti-industrial (a.k.a. ‘environmentalist’) lobby, who oppose open-cast mining in favour of protecting mud puddles and mosquitoes. As Mark put it:
                “So, why was Pike River not an open cast mine? Answer: the bureaucrats in DOC who    
            place a higher value on a
    tree, than on humanity, and certainly an individual human

  • NZ HERALD: “Gruesome abuse case sparks cry for migrant protectionA 23 year-old Indonesian woman working as a maid in the bosom of Islam has her lip cut with scissors, her back scalded with a hot iron, her finger broken and her legs pummelled. Allah be praised…

    THE DOCTOR SAYS: Really, what can a Muslim woman expect if she chooses to work in the country that is the spiritual homeland of a religion that is intensely anti-female, and in all respects a cult of death? This poor woman is still alive, however, which is more than can be said for another Indonesian maid who, as the article tells us, was tortured to death by her Saudi employer then dumped in a rubbish skip.
        At least the Indonesian press are so disgusted they have featured the story of Sumiati, the disfigured young woman, in the newspapers and on television, every day for the past week.

  • NZ HERALD: “ACT campaign against foreshore bill costing National votesACT is sending out flyers in protest at National’s attempt to privatise ownership of the foreshore and seabed…

    THE DOCTORS SAYS: The ACT Party has done a complete about-face, trashing its principles and openly opposing the concepts of privatisation and private property.
        The Libertarianz Party, on the other hand, upholds both. We understand that land tends to be better maintained - and more productively used - if it is owned by actual flesh and blood humans (or co-operatives thereof) rather than the Marxist abstract entity misleadingly labelled ‘The People.’
         It must be gut-wrenching for any ACT member that truly believes in freedom and free-market values to see their deputy leader John Boscawen write this:
                “[It] seems only a matter of time before nationalised resources - oil, gold, silver,
            uranium - are denationalised, which could see some of the benefits of those resources in
            the foreshore and seabed go into private iwi hands rather than to Government coffers…”
    This makes it clear beyond words that today’s ACT Party believes in the nationalisation of land and all associated minerals and resources, doesn’t it.
        Perhaps it should now merge with what’s left of the Alliance.

  • NZ HERALD: “Grower tariffs rise to $235m – Our fruit and vege exporters paid a tariff of $34k each, on average…

    THE DOCTOR SAYS: All the more reason why governments should keep their noses out of peaceful international trade and stop imposing tariffs that make our exports more expensive for people overseas.
         Instead of passing taxpayer money to corrupt foreign governments, John Key’s administration should concentrate on pursuing free trade agreements with as many countries as possible – before trimming back the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the bone, or even abolishing it altogether.

  • NZ HERALD: “Lame duck PM loses support but drafts new budget Irish PM outlines a budget to slash billions of euros from state spending over the next four years…

    THE DOCTOR SAYS: Heard the one about the Irish turkey? He’s looking forward to Christmas.
        Seriously though, Ireland is now experiencing the economic reality that the Greek government has had to confront, and that the governments of Portugal, Spain, Britain and other European countries will shortly be forced to address: You can’t keep spending money you don’t have. Especially when you don’t actually produce any wealth, you merely take from others.
        I’ve always found it mildly amusing that the media talk of the imposition of ‘austerity’ measures’ when governments find themselves going broke. Others would, with infinitely more accuracy, describe it as ‘living within your means,’ ‘balancing the budget,’ ‘paying off debt,’ or even ‘not consigning future generations to debt slavery.’

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny - when the
government fears the people, there is liberty.”
- attributed to Thomas Jefferson


  1. John Key’s administration should concentrate on pursuing free trade agreements with as many countries as possible

    Is that even necessary? I.e. do we need free trade agreements between countries or should NZ govt go straight to removing restrictions so anyone can trade freely with NZ businesses?

  2. PaulB, free trade agreements are a good first step. They're not real free trade but at least restrictions are reduced.

    Oh and as regards the privatisation of the foreshore and seabed, I'm all for it, but not for dolling it out based on race!


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