Monday, 1 November 2010

Ads you might never see again

Here’s some ads from a series doing the email rounds at the moment from a time when life seemed somewhat less complicated and slightly more straight-talking -- but would you really want to live there again?

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ATT00017ATT00016 ATT00015 ad_pitneyboews_slideshow_604x500 ad_coffeespanking_slideshow_604x500 ad_cassettead_datacomp_slideshow_604x500 ad_blowdryer ad_revolvers_604x500 ad_gillette_slideshow_604x500 ad_sausage_604x500 ad_cocaine_604x500 Bayer-heroin nervine cocawine
ad_chubbiesad_tipalet_slideshow_604x500ad_shoes_604x500 ad_blatzbaby ad2 ad_subaru_604x500
And finally, some moving pictures just to show that the old days aren’t completely dead. Would you change brands for this


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  2. Compared to the sanitized PC crap these days, I would surely like to live back then.

  3. Ah, so civilised. Of course it couldn't last.

  4. "but would you really want to live there again?"

    Absolutely. By comparison to the moral and aesthetic sewer of today, it was nirvana.

    Want a useful mental image to concretize the comparison? See the trailer for the original "Cheaper By the Dozen" a very mediocre film with Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy, then see the trailer for the 2003 version with Steven Martin.

    There's no better example of my point.

    The original is treacly and dull filled with kids who are smart, made so by their father's insistence on developing their minds. (He uses every opportunity to teach them science, history, etc). The 21st century version is po-mo vicious, featuring kids who are future drug addicts and muggers in training. How cute.

    Even the stuff that was bad (i.e. dull, mediocre, poorly executed) 50 years ago was lightyears ahead morally and artistically of all but the absolute best of today.

    Rose colored glasses? Selective bias? Watch and study enough of the period and any decent, honest person will come to the same inductive conclusion.

  5. A time that has an appeal and it would be nice to visit, but I don't think I would choose to live there.

    Sort of like Christchurch...


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