Monday, 18 October 2010

The Risk of Republican Betrayal

_jeffrey-perren Guest Post by Jeff Perren

My new article at Pajamas Media, “The Risk of Post-Election Republican Betrayal,” is hot off the presses. It notes:

_Quote There’s been a sea change in the U.S., much quicker and more substantial than liberty lovers might have expected as recently as a year ago. Yet for some of us, it’s hard to escape a nagging question.

And asks:

_QuoteWhat happens after January when the new congressional
session begins … ?

Answers at Pajamas Media.


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  1. Re brewing a Tea Party movement down under, see this item in The Australian Spectator:
    "Australia needs the Tea Party movement as much as the US does — but we should expect the same sneering response ..." and the same concerns about being hijacked by mainstream parties.


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