Tuesday, 5 October 2010

“ Muscular” Tower for Downtown Los Angeles - Yang Wang and Stephen Silva

0179-2 (1)


0179-4 An interesting idea has produced a very interesting structure to help revitalise downtown L.A..

The idea is to have a “multi-zoned” tower that’s open all hours (just like all downtowns should be), and it’s been injected organically into a tower to produce a very promising looking structure.

Keep an eye on this.  It could be very interesting.




  1. Interesting shape, for something. That middle section makes it look like the building would fold in a good earthquake but no doubt they've considered that.

    Can't figure out what the purpose of such an odd-looking design would be, though. Seems like an exercise in being different for the sake of being different.

    I like the dual-purpose idea, something Wright used in the Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK.

  2. The organic shape really appeals to me. A movement away from stiff rigid lines, so rare in nature, would make downtown areas less stressful and abrasive.


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