Thursday, 7 October 2010

Matakana House – Organon Architecture


Here’s an interesting house just coming off the Organon drawing board.  A house for a quiet Matakana valley, overlooking a stream. Private. Open. Sunlit. A small spot of paradise, really.




  1. interesting design, how do you propose to minimise water ingress into the bowl, and where is the north face bowl omission to allow sun into the living areas in the winter time?

  2. Hi Anonymous:

    The earth berms aren't continuous around the whole house--they're used to mask neighbours, allow views INTO eye-level gardens and lift the view up and out to the surrounding hills.

    The north face opens up to the nearby stream, which you'll be happy to hear is downhill of the house.

  3. What exterior cladding are you using for the build?

  4. why is there a giant donkey out front? you caan see its ears sticking up at the apex of the roof. It;s not a new house for the PM is it?



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