Monday, 4 October 2010

A map for Paul Henry

I don’t know how often Paul Henry leaves New Zealand, but when he does there are atlases and stuff to help him find his way around.

Here, for instance, is a map of Europe he might find convenient. [Hat tip Geek Press]




Blogger Sam P said...

Good map. Even I can follow it, and pronounce most of it. :)

4 Oct 2010, 18:40:00  
Anonymous Marcus said...

This is a map made by European left-wingers who believe all US Americans are stupid, ignorant and prejudiced against the rest of the world.

According to you does Paul Henry = USA world view?

I doubt it.

5 Oct 2010, 03:12:00  
Anonymous DenMT said...

My corner of the 'Socialist Union' is grossly misshapen in this map. It is also disappointing, in several other versions of this map I have seen, Sweden is usually represented for its achievements in the arena of adult film entertainment.


5 Oct 2010, 22:24:00  

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