Friday, 22 October 2010

Jeff Perren Interviewed On KSKY Dallas Radio, Oct. 23 [updated]

Guest Post by Jeff Perren

I'm scheduled to be interviewed by Jon David Wells of KSKY radio 660 AM, this Friday, Oct. 22 (that’s Sat. Oct 23 in New Zealand). It broadcasts from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas, but you can listen in online.

We'll be talking about my recent Pajamas Media article, “Beyond Politics: Removing the Progressive Drag On America,” and presumably other things, for 20 minutes.

It's scheduled to begin at 6:20 pm ET [5:20 pm CT, 4:20 pm MT, 3:20 pm Pacific, about 11:20am NZ Time].

Here's a link to listen in. I hope you will. [Click the red "Listen Live" button near the top of the main text, roughly in the middle of the screen.]

It promises to be lively, since I'll no doubt be asked my suggestions for how to straighten out the mess the U.S. is in.

Your suggestions welcome.


UPDATEHi Everyone,
As often happens with these things, the radio interview is to be rescheduled. Once the publicist for Pajamas Media lets me know, I'll advertise the new date/time.
Thanks to all those who sent congratulatory emails (and all those who didn't, too; I know you're busy).
I'll update you when I know more.

All the Best,
Shaving Leviathan

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