Monday, 4 October 2010

Henry V

Here’s a few questions for all you literate types getting all your pants in a bunch about Paul Henry’s latest stupidity. (This must surely be about number five, at least?) So …

… you know what he’s like. So if you don’t like him, why do you watch?

… haven’t you got something better to do over breakfast than watch a grinning fool present braindead news?

… on a scale of one to very-frigging-offensive, surely a professionally-produced ad laughing at exploding children programmed to be played on all channels far outstrips a morning blowhard’s thoughts on a retiring Governor General?  So how come you’re all so quiet about that?

Just a few questions whose answers I wonder about.


  1. I tried to say exactly this today on twitter. I learned the following:

    Saying "just don't watch" is exactly the same as condoning racism.

    Saying "just don't watch" means that I agree with Henry and am defending him.

    Saying "just don't watch" means I am racist.

    I am deeply grateful to the bleeding hearts and panty-bunch brigade of NZ for teaching me these vital truths.

    I can't stand that any time someone does something on TV which is "bad", everyone starts finger wagging and tut tutting. Yet the ratings never seem to drop. What does that say? I don't watch the show. Maybe if "everyone" feels so strongly they should do the same and then the show would die the death it sounds like it deserves.

    I agree with PC. Far better to go and tell the producers of that obscene 10:10 thing that you're offended and upset.

  2. The problem with Paul Henry is that he thinks that he is important. The guy's face looks like retarded Mongol. I don't watch his show, but he is an idiot.

  3. Selling TVNZ would help, at least no one would be forced to have an interest in its success.

  4. Heh, MFasher, I hope that was said with at least some irony?

  5. Surely it is a matter of fact that any of the officials considering who should be our next Governor General will have been asking themselves this question.

    Paul Henry was simply asking Key if they were asking this question – and it was a reasonable question to ask.

    If the present GG was a woman any official would ask whether the next one should be a man. They may not voice the question out loud but the question would surely pass through their mind. In choosing the next GG the process involves thinking these kinds of thoughts and I defy anyone to claim otherwise.

  6. Sean Fitzpatrick5 Oct 2010, 12:59:00

    I agree with Scott.

    Especially since it seems our state owned broadcaster only employs political reporters who are members of only one political party.

  7. Owen... I'm not so sure about that. Do you honestly think people should be asking themselves "does s/he look like a New Zealander"? To do that, you'd need to define what a New Zealander looked like, which is pretty dodgy ground to be on.


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