Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Commiserations [updated]

My deepest commiserations to the family and boyfriend of Rosemary Ives, and all her colleagues at Wa Ora Montessori School in Lower Hutt. Rosemary was shot over the weekend by an idiot who thought she was a deer—by someone so ignorant he was “hunting” at night in an area populated by campers, shooting illegally from a public road, and was too dumb to bother to check his target before he shot.

As one of the few Montessori primary-trained teachers in the country, Rosemary had a huge future—a future snuffed out by a moron. This was not the way such a dedicated woman should have ended her life.


  1. This is horrible, horrible, horrible.

    Hope this isn't too OT. Excuse my ignorance, but... there are deer in New Zealand!? I knew there were all sorts of other mammals introduced, but deer?

  2. Agreed, what an absolute fuckwit the guy who shot her was. Thought she was a deer, what a load of shit and what an absolute knob.


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