Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday Morning Ramble: The ‘we’re screwed’ edition

It’s election weekend in Auckland and elsewhere, and I couldn’t be less interested. In Auckland, for example,  we have a choice between a clown who talks responsibility but who can’t be trusted with his own credit card, and a buttoned-up buffoon who talks about keeping rates down after having run a record of raising rates every years, while increasing Auckland’s debt to nearly one-billion dollars. It’s not a vote either of these jerks deserve, but the reality check of a good kick up the arse.
Whoever wins, it certainly won’t be ratepayers.
So following
Bernard Darntons lead, and having diligently read through the candidates' booklet, I promptly put my voting paper in the shredder.
Anyway, I haven’t done a Ramble here for a few weeks, so there’s a bit of a backlog of good links and stories to tell. So let’s dive in…

gilf (1)


Here’s The Laughing Clowns getting into the religious material …

… Barry Adamson getting out some Miles Davis…

… … Jazz On the Tube celebrating John Coltrane’s birthday this week (he would have been 84) with
fifteen linked videos illustrating his wide range including Miles Davis...Eric Dolphy...Wes Montgomery...Stan Getz...Elvin Jones...McCoy Tyner...and a rare trio with pianist Wynton Kelly..

…and if, like me, you love this gorgeous piece by Ralph Vaughan-Williams, you’ll have the same dilemma of wondering whether you can endure it bracketed by the world’s most popular elevator music in order to watch the APO perform it next month

That’s all from me, have a great weekend.
PS: As it’s Grand Final weekend for Australian Football, my beer this weekend is a genuine Australian masterpiece: the Little Creatures Pale Ale.


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  1. If I voted, I would vote for Jonathan, and for Michael Hansen. Jonathan because he'd do a great job; Michael because he's hilarious.

  2. For Aucklanders faced with Tweedle-Defect and Tweedle-Dumber, then David Wilmott of Roads First seems to be making some of the right noises in Message 1 - that rail and public transport are crippling; designer cities are stifling. (And he's not John Banks.)Colin Craig seems to be a mixed bag - at this stage I don't like referenda.

  3. Please don't point us to links at Red Alert on a Friday that are quite so full of hypocrisy and lies - it's just depressing.

  4. Some people in the Kapiti area are voting for Peaches. Peaches is a dog. Unfortunately I had already voted..

    I know of someone rather close to me that drew a picture of a cat on the voting document, and said she votes for her cat.

  5. Pro-Capitalist25 Sep 2010, 06:47:00

    David Cuntliffe, is obviously clueless to economics. The guy is a fucking joke. Its time that the Labour party pays for him to study economics in a tertiary institution.

  6. That guy Peter Schiff and his online commentaries is always interesting. But our own dumbfuck like David Cuntliffe won't listen to facts frequently talked about by Peter Schiff.

  7. I was going to bin the voting paper, but decided to vote for Simon Prast.

    Family First don't like him and he is the only candidate who would not decrease the number of liquor outlets, have 'family friendly' areas, censor billboards and ban street prostitution. Also he didn't seem too business unfriendly - I guess he has had to lobby for theatre sponsorship.

  8. Pro-Capitalist, you're right on the spot there. David Cunliffe's facial appearance & looks says it all about what's inside in his head, ie, regarding his economics knowledge. His economics knowledge is pretty ugly. I've never seen a bunch of anti-business/anti-capitalist MPs as David Cunliffe and his Labour colleagues. There is not a single word of praise from any of them being said about big businesses. These are the useless lot who never ran a business in their lifes, muzzling & pushing to regulate private businesses.


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