Thursday, 23 September 2010

Douglas gets dirty on Key [updated]

The headline is “Sir Roger gets his act together.” The first question might to which might be, “What took him so long?”

This National-led government, to which Roger Douglas and Rodney Hide lend their support and their votes, has as a stated goal “to catch Australia by 2025.”  How’s that project going, you ask? Look at the tale of the tape:

62520_470791336759_9030741759_7130318_2695947_n At this rate we’ll be lucky to catch Tasmania.

tassies-poor-cuzzie-20082 So, as Douglas says this morning, if John Key is looking to catch Australia, it’s by a process that looks something like this:


PS: This, by the way, is an example of what ACT should have been doing all along: not giving John Boy’s government the blank cheque of their support, but pointing out this govt’s failure to do anything like what needs to be done. 

Nothing else but proselytising for their ideas is going to expand ACT’s withering market share with voters--and nothing would make John Boy’s ministers take them more seriously than support being offered only on a case-by-case basis, with their vote made conditional upon whether or not measures being voted on moved toward freedom and prosperity rather than away from it.

But that’s a horse that has long bolted.

_Quote The fact remains that National KEPT the Labour policies it railed against in opposition in full knowledge that they are bad for New Zealand's economic future.
ACT however would have been far more potent staying out of government and building support for the kind of reform National will not undertake.
Why vote ACT when Roger spouts good policy but supports a govt that does not?
What a mess.


  1. Hehe, look at Adolf (Who's dying to have John Key's baby) at No Minister having a go at Roger Douglas.

  2. All this can be traced back to Hide's leadership. Their getting into bed with SST and other social conservative morons and all the rest. Back in 2004 I was a member of ACT and lobbied for Stephen Franks as leader. Pleased I have been proven right about Hide.

  3. PC, when I saw the title of the post "Douglas gets dirty on Key", I thought that the article is about some revelation that Douglas & Key have been having a secret gay relationship that has been unknown to the public for a while. After reading the first few lines, I realized that I jumped into dirty conclusion early without reading the whole piece.

    Anyway, John Key is a fucking socialist asshole. He has shifted National further and further away from its founding principles/ideologies. In fact, National & Labour are no different today.

  4. If NZ is going to be an exporting country. The last thing it needs it
    a wage structure the same as Australia.
    Currently NZ has a competitive advantage.



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