Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Do **Communists** represent the middle class?

Guest Post by Jeff Perren

Daniel Foster at National Review reports on a "confederacy of liberal groups" who plan to hold a rally in response, they say, to Glenn Beck's rally last month that galvanized hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans to show up in Washington.

The “confederacy” against Beck claims to represent "America’s embattled middle class.”  There are some mainstream left-leaning groups (the SEUI, the American Federation of Teachers, and others). What's more interesting, though, are the groups the confederacy fails to mention, revealing the counter-rally as just so much, very stale, communist bombast.  The un-mentioned groups include:

  • The Communist Party USA
  • Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
  • Code Pink
  • Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • International Socialist Organization
Yawn... It's clear that Progressives are out of ammunition. That won't stop them from initiating kamikaze raids, of course, but they officially now got nothin'. When you align yourself with groups like this, then so far from representing the “embattled middle class,” you're confessing you’ve lost ‘em.

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