Friday, 10 September 2010

Net Non-Neutrality

Guest Post by Jeff Perren.

I have as article on the Orwellian-named nonsense of so-called Net Neutrality posted over at Breitbart’s Big Journalism blog.

Your comments will help me win a free trip to Iceland to study medieval anarchism. Ok, that's not true (thankfully). But your views would be welcomed, anyway.

The article begins:

_Quote "Progressives are up in arms after Google appears to have caved on Net Neutrality by partnering with Verizon to abandon their core aims. Writing at Huffington Post, Josh Silver of the ironically named Free Press laments:
‘For years, Internet advocates have warned of the doomsday scenario that will
    play out on Monday: Google and Verizon will announce a deal that the New York Times
    reports ‘could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly
    if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege.’

Let us, as the postmodernists say, deconstruct this…

Read on here: “‘Net Neutrality’ — Let the Free Market Reign.”


  1. I only realized by position on NN when I attended a Net Neutrality session at a recent Google barcamp in Auckland. I wrote about that in a guest post. Since I found out there is a recording too. See if you can pick my libertarian stance.

  2. Someone (who is allowed to post at RedAlert) needs to post the link for Jeff's article so that Labour MP Clare Curran can read. She has been posting blog posts about keeping the internet neutral. I can't believe that this woman doesn't want to educate herself either in economics, technologies or political philosophies. The more frequent she posts useless articles at RedAlert (just on any topics) the more obvious one can see that she has nothing in her head. Her arguments is simply unintelligent and simpleton and no one should be surprised, since she had no formal background in IT at all. She has always been a opponent of software patents in NZ, and unfortunately she is in that Commerce select committee that advised Simon Power & the government to not include software in current patent laws.

    She is a cheerleader for the government's $1.5 billions ultra-fast broadband that was promised during the last election and she can't make a connection between government debts and government spending.


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