Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Two new art blogs

No art post from me tonight, instead let me point you to two new art blogs:

  • CLICK FOR THE RATIONAL ARTIST The Rational Artist is a new art blog run by Doug Reich from The Rational Capitalist blog.

            “I titled the blog, The Rational Artist [says Doug] not
        only for symmetry with my main site, The Rational
    , but to emphasize what would seem to be
        a contradiction in     today's subjectivist intellectual milieu;
        namely that, however difficult, art can be defined, analyzed,
         understood, and enjoyed.”

    Come in from the noise!
  • CLICK FOR JASMINE KAMANTE Jasmine Kamante’s blog. Jasmine is a local artist completing her studies in Europe.
    Over the coming months, she hopes to fill her blog with both her academic pieces, and with the major personal pieces she has planned. 
    This should be the start of something very exciting.

Go pay them a visit.

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