Wednesday, 4 August 2010

‘Seated Fighter’ - Joseph Sheppard


Another of the fantastic motivational posters using great art that you can buy from the newly-launched  Inspirationz  catalogue.

Hugely inspiring too to see that the Inspirationz Motivational Video has now had well over 20,00 views in less than a week since it was launched; and with such an array of enthusiastic comments too.

See more of artist and sculptor Joseph Sheppard’s work at his website.


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick4 Aug 2010, 09:34:00

    Love it - I am a sucker for good sculpture anyway, great to see it mingled with some gentle wisdom.

  2. Amazing sculpture. I call that a good piece of art. I don't like sculptures with genitals on them, because they're done deliberately by artists to get attentions.

  3. Extraordinary. And this is a contemporary piece?


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