Wednesday, 11 August 2010

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What happened to ghost towns?

I liked this comment over at Australian blog Catallaxy Files, just as relevant here in the wake of the debate over how welfare has changed over the last few generations.  Seems like what would once have become ghost towns these days become bogan towns instead…

_Quote Why do ghost towns exist? Because the economic activity that once supported them dried up, so the people upped and moved to someplace else.
    We don’t seem to be creating ghost towns any more...  [Instead], economically dead places are being supported by indirect government handouts, like the dole.

Anyone who just said either “creative destruction” or “rustbelt” to themselves while reading that earns a point.

1 comment:

  1. You would not believe it.

    The Tauranga City Council are creating a ghost town in the CBD.

    They have some seriously nasty parking wardens doing the rounds and the general public are staying away in their 1000s. - the downtown area is a ghost town.

    The council are doing major road works to install a bus depot along one street, and 50% of the businesses have either gone bust or moved out.

    Guess what! The council are investigating WHY the CBD is dying! - What a joke!

    And to top that off The Council have just installed some special parking sensors to alert the parking Nazis if people have overstayed their parking space (story here:)


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