Wednesday, 4 August 2010

NZ soldier, R.I.P. [updated]

The first New Zealand casualty in Afghanistan has been announced.

_Quote A New Zealand soldier has been killed and two others injured in an attack on a routine patrol in Afghanistan, the Defence Force announced today.”

Lieutenant Timothy Andrew O'Donnell, 28Our thoughts go out to their families.

UPDATEThe New Zealand soldier killed in Afghanistan has been named.

R.I.P. Lieutenant Timothy O’Donnell.


  1. One more fool who "sacrificed his life for the others"...

    This mascarade makes me sick, as usual.

  2. The Tongan marines (275 of them) are to be deployed to Afghanistan perhaps to help out with security of army camps there (and may be do the laundry for the international forces in there). It's good that they're not out there patrolling but confined themselves to the army camp, since they're severely under-trained.

  3. John Key today said: "The military were working on a plan to bring them back."

    WTF! NZ soldiers are send to war. People tend to shoot people in wars and kill them. Yet the NZ army needs to work on a plan NOW to return wounded and killed troops?

    Sounds rather unprepared to me. As sad as I am for the family of the killed soldier, I think there is a bit of an over-reaction to the whole thing.

    Sending a B757 over to retrieve one dead body is plain stupid and wasteful.


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