Monday, 2 August 2010

Jeff Perren: Published at PJM: The Crisis That Wasn't [up[dated]

Guest Post by Jeff Perren

Another of my articles has been published at Pajamas Media, this one about the after-effects of the BP oil spill - environmental and otherwise.

Here's an excerpt:

"Several news reports are showing that the expected devastation of the waters and shoreline of the Gulf simply hasn’t happened. Early (and historical) evidence suggests that it never will. The oil slicks expected to last for months have failed to cooperate with the government’s desire to use the crisis to pass cap and tax."

I also discuss the media reaction and a tiny bit of oil-spill history for comparison.

I invite you to read, comment, and pass the link onto friends and contacts. If I get rich and famous I promise to thank each and every one of you.


P.S. Not that there's anything wrong with a bit of earned pride, but not to worry about my recent good fortune giving me a swelled head. Right after it was accepted I went outside to pick weeds and chase a gopher out of one of the gardens. That sort of thing tends to keep one grounded.

You can read more of my deathless prose moderately coherent rants at Shaving Leviathan .

UPDATE: More related oil-spill commentary collected at The Rational Optimist:


  1. Congratuations on another publishing success, Jeff. I liked this comment on your article too:

    "There is no denying that the spill was bad and that a lot of people took one right in the kisser from it, but all the 'bedbugs'jumping into the sleeping-bag haven’t made it any better."

    They nver do, do they.

  2. Oh, and you should take up the offer to pay you $100 to eat some oysters from the estuaries nearest the gulf, or to swim in the gulf for 1 hour.

  3. Thanks, PC. I did like that comment. In fact, I've been pretty pleased in general at the quality of the comments, even the contra ones.

    I was considering taking up that offer and thought for a moment that I might ask the gentleman if he'd throw in airfare too. But it's very difficult to get a dog sitter around here and New Orleans is one of my least favorite major cities in the U.S., especially in summer.

    Maybe someone will make a similar offer next time a nuclear power plant has a problem in England. I'd jump at that.


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